Monday, July 9, 2012

Recommend A... Book Published in 2010

Recommend A... is a weekly meme hosted by Shanyn at Chick Loves Lit, and it showcases books we thought were fabulous but often don't think to recommend to others.

Today’s prompt is recommend a book published in 2010, and my recommendation is The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy.

Sixteen year old outsider, Jess Parker, gets the chance of a lifetime: an invitation to join a secret society of popular girls dedicated to defeating the mean girls of the world. The Cinderella Society guides all new recruits through its top secret ultimate life makeover. It’s all part of preparing them to face down the Wickeds and win. Determined not to let the Cindys down, Jess dives in with a passion. Finally, a chance to belong and show the world what she’s made of.
… be careful what you wish for.
Jess transformation wins her the heart of her dream crush and a shot at uber-popularity. Until the Wickeds–led by Jess’s arch enemy–begin targeting innocent girls in their war against the Cindys, and Jess discovers the real force behind her exclusive society. It’s a high stakes battle of good vs. evil, and the Cindys in power need Jess on special assignment. When the mission threatens to destroy her dream life come true, Jess is forced to choose between living a fairy tale and honoring the Sisterhood… and herself. What’s a girl to do when the glass slipper fits, but she doesn't want to wear it anymore?
Girl power for the win! Kay Cassidy’s debut novel is the perfect feel-good book; it’s so much fun, but a little deeper than originally expected. You will find yourself constantly cheering for Jess and will ultimately feel much more confidant yourself! The Cinderella Society is chick lit at its best and I can’t wait for the sequel, Cindy on a Mission (publication date still unfortunately unannounced, at least to my knowledge.) Update: I just talked to the author on twitter, and she said that Egmont USA decided not to publish this book. Cue sadness.


  1. Have you read any of E. Lockhart's stuff? Would you say that this is similar? I'm definitely intrigued...

    1. Yes, I've read a few of her books:)
      The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks reads differently, but it's similar in that they both have feminist & secret society elements. How to be Bad has the same tone, in my opinion, but is different conceptually.

  2. Oh, that's a good one! It's not from 2010, but Into the Wild Nerd Yonder is another fun girl-power book! Here are my picks

  3. I have this waiting to be read on my shelf. I really need to catch up on the books I haven't read yet! Awesome rec!

  4. I’ve never heard of this book before.
    thanks for sharing.
    My Recommend A..

  5. This sounds kind of awesome. I've been looking for a light, feel good sort of novel (all the contemporaries I'm running into these days seem light but just... aren't), and it sounds like the perfect novel for the summer. I'm definitely going to have to check this out. Thanks for the rec!

  6. I remember wanting this when it came out but never did get it. Thanks for the reminder & rec!


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