Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Before I Read Reached

Before I read a book, I look at its cover. Despite what people say, you can tell a lot about a book based simply on what it looks like on the outside. Although you can't judge a story by its cover, the outward appearance of the book is what can draw you in and make you want to read it. I love talking about covers maybe as much as I love talking about the books themselves, so I started this feature that spotlights the covers of upcoming books I am excited to read.

Reached by Ally Condie

Release: November 13, 2012
After leaving Society and desperately searching for the Rising—and each other—Cassia and Ky have found what they were looking for, but at the cost of losing each other yet again: Cassia has been assigned to work for the Rising from within Society, while Ky has been stationed outside its borders. But nothing is as predicted, and all too soon the veil lifts and things shift once again.
This trilogy's covers are just so fitting and pretty. In the first one, the girl is trapped inside the bubble, on the second, she is beginning to break out, and now, on the third she is standing up, the whole top half of the bubble gone. I feel that this really symbolizes Cassia's growth as a character. It's also nice how the three colors used (green for the first, blue for the second, and obviously red for the third) correspond with the colors of the tablets in the story. All of this against a silver, minimalist bacground creates covers that are simply stunning.


  1. I really love Reached's cover, definitely more than I loved the covers for the first two books. If you'll notice Cassia's clothes in this one, they're more sophisticated than what she was wearing on the covers of the first two books. I think that symbolizes her growth as well as her standing outside of the bubble. =)

    I really love this feature of yours, as I love talking about covers as well. Fabulous post! <3

  2. I've been meaning to read this series FOREVER. The covers are stunning :)


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