Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Story Stitching: Gallagher Girls

Aside from books, one of my favorite things is fashion. The only thing better than a gorgeous dress or a wonderful novel is a gorgeous dress that makes me think of a wonderful novel, which is why I decided to combine the two into one blog post.

The result of this idea is Story Stitching, a somewhat sporadic feature that I created so I could integrate two of my biggest obsessions. Every once in a while, I dress up a book or series with some articles of clothing- whether they are something the characters might wear or simply something the story makes me think of-and share my musings with all of you.

As this is my first time trying out this new kind of post, I decided to go with something relatively easy-the Gallagher Girls Series by Ally Carter. Forgive me if I include way too many boarding school preppy pieces and espionage-like gear, but these cute and functional items, to me, just scream "school for spies!"

Blazers always radiate a certain sense of sophistication, and this one is perfect for a highly intelligent, wise-beyond-her-years Gallagher Girl.
This sweater not only screams "private boarding school," but seems pretty warm for chilly fall stakeouts.

A white ruffled tote is an adorable way for a student at the Gallagher Academy to carry her gear from covert operations to culture & assimilation. Unless she is Liz and needs a more capacious bag for all of her books.
These boots are stylish, but they also give the impression that the wearer means business. If I attended Cammie Morgan's school, these would be a staple in my closet.

Even a school for spies has dances, and, for a reason I cannot quite pinpoint, this dress seems like the kind of thing a Gallagher Girl would wear to one. It is pretty simple, yet utterly stunning.

In my mind, Gallagher Academy style is very classy and adaptable. Even the school uniforms featured on the covers of the books are adorable, which is a bit of a difficult feat to accomplish. If anyone can balance being fashionable and being a field agent, it is a Gallagher Girl, and I would love to see how she does it.


  1. ... you read my mind. I was thinking about spy books like yesterday.... weird O_0
    I don't see the purse only because what's a spy girl doing with a purse while you need to run around and stuff? Saying that the boots looks like they would work :P
    My mind is weird. Maybe I'm thinking thievery. That's why I'm thinking black. Blazers are the perfect look for a school of spy girls. Those sweater vests too!

  2. Love the fashion choices. Also, LOVE Gallagher Girls. Gosh, GG6 can't come out soon enough ;)


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