Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Ten OCD Bookish Habits

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme for list-loving bloggers that is hosted by the fabulous team over at The Broke and the Bookish. Every week, readers compile a list of their favorite books, authors, or other literature-related things that fall under a certain category.

One of the major definitive traits in my personality is my obsession with order and perfectionism. I am the kind of person who will stand up in the middle of class to wipe that forgotten patch of an Expo-inscribed letter off the white board and who refuses to let her bed go unmade, and this mindset naturally carries over to bookish things. So, when I saw this topic in the annals of past Top Ten Tuesday topics, I realized it would be the perfect pick for today's rewind. Some of these may be abnormal and some may be common, but they are all parts of my reading experience that will most likely never go away.

1. When I start reading a book, I mark it as "currently reading" on Goodreads right away. When I finish it, I indicate that as soon as possible. I cannot help myself. My shelves cannot lie.

2. I hate repeated words, and if I see an author using one word in a density that I deem too high, I will physically flick the page in a subtle rage.

3. I perform a preliminary process before starting a book. This includes reading the synopsis, dedication, and author bio.

4. Dog-ears are one of my biggest pet peeves, and I always try to smooth them out to the best of my ability when I spot them in library books. It is never quite the same, though, which is why you should never fold the pages of a borrowed book.

5. I have to take the dust jackets off before reading hardbacks I own. They are so slippery and setting them to the side helps preserve their pristine prettiness.

6. I get way more excited about reviewing books with attractive covers because they make my blog look nice when they are the top post.

7. Likewise, if I am not fond of a book's cover, I usually read it at home rather than take it to school. To me, novels are like accessories in a way.

8. Books on my nightstand cannot be crooked. Ever.

9. I get slightly annoyed when pages that mark the beginnings of new chapters are not numbered.

10. I take the avoidance of spoilers to a whole new level, exercising caution in reading reviews of books I have not read unless I trust the blogger and never fully forgiving someone who tells me anything about the plot of a novel I am reading. This also means I rarely reread because I never enjoy stories nearly as much when I know how they end.

My crazy bookish compulsions may sound insane, but do you have any like them? Do they overlap with mine? And are you as all-around OCD as I am? Let me know; I would love to hear about your habits.

Go on… Make me feel less crazy.


  1. Are we the same person? I do almost ALL these things. I cannot read a book without marking it on GR, I always read the acknowledgments before I start the book, I MUST take off the dust jacket on a hardcover, and if I spot a spoiler by accident I go into a rage. Great topic this week :D

    Bekka @ Pretty Deadly Reviews
    My Top Ten

  2. Funny. I rarely mark a book at GR until I post a review. I love to see repeated words (the author has favorites...I like this). I often dogear books.

    However, do not ever...and I mean ever...leave books crooked on the nightstand.

    Here's my Top Ten list of Top Ten lists!

  3. One, seven, and eight are all biggies for me too. Also, I have physical bookshelves for books I've read, and books I'venot read, and even one for books I've not read, and have to intention of reading, but can't part with.

    As for repeated words... YES! Sometimes I want to send the author a thesaurus.... Fifty Shade of Gray was the worst. I couldn't even finish it because of that.

    Check out my Top Ten!

  4. I have some of those. The spoiler thing is the biggest issue with me. I get downright furious when someone blatantly spoils a book for me!

  5. This is a great list you have! I don't like my goodreads shelves to lie either, it drives me crazy. I also try to smooth out dog-eared pages in the library but it never works. I cannot stand repeated words, such as "padded" since I have read it in one book repeatedly. I am also annoyed when the beginning of chapter pages are not numbered since that it when I usually leave off on in a book and I want to know what page I'm on.

    My TTT: http://thebooksphere.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/top-ten-tuesday-5-top-ten-rewind/

  6. I do the exact same thing on goodreads! And dog earing really annoys me, I hate seeing it!
    Great list :)

  7. Oh my god dog eared pages. Just NO. Why would anyone do that. If I ever lend books to anyone, I always tell them to use a book mark or I will have them buy me a new book.

    And I'm a Goodreads maniac too, I have to add them to the right shelves, it's just.. you know, IMPORTANT.

    And I'm the same with dust jackets, they just tend to get all wrinkled if you have them on while opening and closing the book, so they're safely stored for when I'm done :D

    Aaaand I don't read reviews of books I think I'm going to read either. Which has become a problem this week because a surprising amount of people have chosen "Books with surprising endings" for their Top Ten and I'm running from the page as soon as I see it in the title :P

    Basically, you're not crazy, or maybe we both are :D

  8. I love dust jackets but I cannot read with them. Plus, I always like to see what the book looks like without it. It's like a fun surprise!

  9. I adore not only your topic, but also your list!

    2. Yes! I'm wondering if the author has any creativity.
    3. I am SO happy I'm not the only one! I do the same thing! Although, I read the author's bio at the end, maaaaybe in the beginning.
    4. I wish there was a law about this.
    5. YES, this is definitely something I do as well. It slides (which makes it hard to read laying down or on the treadmill) but also I don't want to get it dirty.
    6. I like pretty things so I feel it spices up the post all around so I'm with you there!
    7. I do this too! I was in a really good book once, but I couldn't bring it with me while I went somewhere because I didn't like the cover. Although, I think I ended up bringing something to cover it up with.
    8. I don't put my books on the nightstand so I don't have this problem ;) I have it beside my bed on the floor so I don't get worried about it falling off.
    9. Finally someone else who has this same pet peeve. I mean, seriously, WHY?!
    10. Okay, I'm half with you there. I hate spoilers and I try to be spoiler-free but I love rereading. It's like my mind gets relaxation :)

    Looking back over, I realized we are very similar! ADORED your list, Emily!

  10. *nods in understanding for all but 7 & 8.* Main reason it doesn't matter what I read at school is cos it has to be a paperback and I've more kindle choice so I just pick up a real book I haven't read yet! It hopefully is a book I did start but sometimes my currently reading is just ebooks! The pain.
    New follower,
    Amy Bookworm

  11. 1 & 3 are me, for sure. I spend way more time cultivating my Goodreads shelves...

  12. I love posts like these - they make me feel a little better about my own quirks!

    I am 100% in agreement with #1. I'm a huge fan of lists and statistics, so I update the page number on GoodReads constantly and start a fresh page in my review notebook before I even have anything to say about the damn book!

    #2 as well. 'I released a breath I didn't know I was holding!' ARGH. An half-page from my review notebook a fortnight or so ago just consists of 'IF YOU SAY THIS AGAIN I WILL HURT YOU!' in big letters :)

    I'm the opposite to you with #3 though! I mean, obviously I do that when BUYING a book, but if it's on my TBR shelf then I will take it off and read it. If I've forgotten what it's about, even better! I LIKE going into a new book a little surprised, I think.

    #6 made me laugh because it's TRUE. Although if you ever said that to a non-blogger, you know they'd laugh at you :P

  13. good to know your top-ten!


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