Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Ever since the lovely Jessica of Fly to Fiction joined my group blog, Lit Up Review, I've enjoyed getting to know her better. Imagine my excitement, then, when I heard that another blogger, Eli of Reality Lapse, was planning some festivities for her 17th birthday. I immediately signed up to join.

All participating bloggers created a birthday post based off a book, TV show, or movie Jessica loves, and today we are posting them in 17-minute increments along with clues hinting at the next blog on the trail. I chose to theme my post around To Kill a Mockingbird, a brilliant classic novel that we both adore.

Jessica, since I cannot give you any real birthday presents, I decided to pretend a little. Here are some things I would love to give you, but there's a catch—I'm leaving them for you to find in an imaginary version of the tiny tree hole that serves as a present-holder in the book, so they have to fit. (Blog readers, if you have no idea what I am talking about, read To Kill a Mockingbird. Do it.) Anyway, without further ado, here are my hypothetical presents to you.
Chocolate. I personally don't like it, but those who do tend to get excited over it.

Tea bags for Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea. If I were a tea-drinker, I would take a risk and recommend something new, but since I know nothing about the beverage, I'll be safe and stick with what you told me you like.

This necklace, because I thought it was pretty and I am sure you are a phenomenal dancer.

Blank sheet music, rolled into a tiny scroll, so you can hand-write some notes to go with the song lyrics you create.

A copy of this book because I recently read and loved it, and you told me you were excited to do the same. This one is cheating a bit, size-wise (I'll have to prop it up against the trunk of the tree), but we're book bloggers. A book is going to be on here somewhere.

That is all I have for you, but in 17 minutes, another blogger will take over. Are you wondering which one? Here's a hint: She is a blogger from Canada who has a fear of balloons and a love of music (except dubstep and house). She always seems behind on her sleep, an unfortunate condition that may or may not relate to her blog's name.

Jessica, I hope you have an amazing birthday! Eat something delicious, spend some time doing something fun, and enjoy your last year of non-adulthood! 


  1. AW, how fun! I love when bloggers celebrate each other.

  2. Awww, thank you so much, Emily! I love everything you included in this post, right down to the TKAM reference. I can definitely see how the questions you asked me fit into this post now. xD

    Thank you so much for helping to make this a really special day! <3

  3. This is the sweetest thing! I love seeing bloggers celebrating one another's birthdays. I hope you all had a wonderful time doing these posts and making Jessica's day special. :3 It was incredibly thoughtful of all of you!

  4. I'm super late to this birthday wishing, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA! Man, I'm not even her and I was drooling over the pictures. I'm not a dancer, but that necklace is gorgeous. Such a sweet post!


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