Saturday, May 31, 2014

Forever Literary Turns Two!

Something unbelievable happened today—Forever Literary turned two! This milestone astounds me, but not quite as much as my blog's first birthday. Going into my first year of blogging, I had no idea whether of not I would enjoy it and stick with it, so when I reached the end of year one, my pride and excitement was tinged with a dash of surprise. Going into my second year, I already knew that I loved blogging and had no doubt that I would continue another year, so the only thing that amazes me is the fact that so much time has gone by. In fact, because the blogging community has done so much more for me than I could ever do for it, I decided to dedicate this post to all the incredible ways blogging has positively influenced my life.

Blogging has given me a career goal. Before I started Forever Literary, I had no idea what I wanted to do "with my life." However, a few months into my blogging journey, I knew I wanted to work in marketing or publicity for a publishing company, getting paid to do something I would do for free—promote books. And thanks to my blog, I'm already involved in the industry in which I want to work. How many other sixteen-year-olds are lucky enough to be able to say that?

Blogging has helped me in school. I've always been told I'm a good writer, but blogging has given me more practice at assembling words and arguments than school ever has. When my English teacher tells my class to write about a piece of fiction by making a point, then providing evidence and commentary, I don't even have to think about it because that is what I do in all my reviews.

Blogging has allowed me to meet some amazing friends. We may only speak through the Internet, but your friendship is just as real to me as my in-person relationships. As I said in my last blog birthday post, I love spending time "with" you and hope plan to meet every one of you someday. I have messages for a few of you, but the individuals listed below represent only a small portion of the wonderful people I have met.

Summer (I'm finally used to calling you that!)—You were my first real blogging friend and to this day remain my closest one. We initially bonded over our shared love of Ally Carter, but thanks to our long chain of emails, our conversations have grown so much. I love that we can jump between serious issues, trivial topics like our peanut butter devotion, and everything in between in a matter of paragraphs. I know you better than some of my in-person friends! I can't believe you're going off to college this fall (you seem so grown up, even though you're only a year and a half older than I am), but I can't wait to hear about your collegiate adventures.

Willa—You're the only person on this list who I have met in person, and I have so many happy memories of our time in the Chicago convention center. I still re-watch our ALA book haul videos from time to time! You're a brilliantly talented author—I love being one of your cheerleaders and I can't wait to publicize your first published novel. (This will happen.) Oh, and I can't forget to thank you for being the visionary behind Lit Up Review—I'm so glad you invited me to join all those months ago, and I'm so impressed by what our team has achieved in the past year. *waves pom-poms*

Jessica G.—You are the best ranting partner I could ask for. I can't even guess how many tweets I've directed at you, going on about controversial Super Bowl commercials and the connections between Disney movies and gender roles. As soon as I can find a topic on which we disagree, our relationship will be complete.

Jessica S.—We at Lit Up Review made a fantastic decision by adding you to our staff. Your reviews are well-thought-out and well-written, and I've loved getting to know you as a person. Books of Wonder the next time I visit my grandparents in New York? I think we need to make this happen.

Grace—If I had your creative writing skills, I would think of a poetic line to describe how much I enjoy talking with you and reading everything you post on These Vivid Bones. Instead, I'll just tell you that I love having someone who understands my logolepsy and am captivated by every line of poetry and prose that you write.

Meredith—You seem like the sweetest person in the world, and I'm sure that sweetness is exponentially larger in person. I'm so jealous that you, Willa, and Erin all get to go to school together, and I'm tempted to fly to Texas and bring you back to Indiana with me. I say this in the most non-stalkerish way possible.

Jen and Vy—I feel like I spend more time reading your conversations with Willa than talking to you myself, but I want this to change! Time zones are such a nuisance—I'm usually asleep when you're on Twitter—but we can overcome the West Coast/Midwest divide.

And last, but far from least, blogging has kept me sane. Before blogging, I had to keep my fangirling and passion for YA bottled up because no one I knew in person would understand. Now, if I tweet, "I just finished X book and I NEED TO TALK," I will likely get at least one response. If I post a review, people who actually care about the book and my opinion on it will comment. It amazes me every day, and I have no idea how I ever lived without it and kept from going crazy.

So thank you. Thank you to everyone with whom I have worked, from publishers to authors. Thank you to all my fellow bloggers, from my closest blogging friends to those of you who have only commented on my blog once. You're the reason why I pushed through the frustration of those beginning months when I felt like no one was reading my blog. You're the reason why I continue to push through my frequent struggles to do justice to books in my reviews. You're the reason I have been doing it all for two years and will continue for many more. Thank you.

P.S. Be sure to enter my giveaway for a copy of Panic by Lauren Oliver, which went up earlier today!


  1. Aww, thanks, Emily! This is such a lovely post! Congratulations on two years! xx

  2. Happy Blogoversary, Emily! Here's to many more. :) *throws confetti*

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so happy and lucky to be a part of the Lit Up crew. And yes! As long as I'm here (I don't know when you'll be visiting your grandparents next, but hopefully it's before I head off to college) we definitely need to meet up.

  3. Happy Two Year Blogoversary, Emily!!!!!!! I'm sure you'll be blogging for many more anniversaries! *throws confetti again*

    Aww, thank you for the kind words! <3 You are definitely the best ranting partner I could ask for as well! Here's to many more rants! :)

    And hmm, now I'm wondering what's the topic we would disagree about...

  4. Not only is this the sweetest post I've ever been mentioned in, but this is the sweetest post EVER. Emily, I'm serious, I think I might print out my mentioned paragraph and put it on my wall (that's not's not...). You were my first close blogging friend and still my closest one as well...and I feel the same closeness-wise! I'm SUPER grateful that I got to know you and that we have our email chain. Happy Blogoversary, Emily!

  5. Wow! 2 years! What an accomplishment Emily! Congratulations! <3 Have a great deserve it! <3 Congrats on all you've accomplished! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf


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