Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Book Blogger Confessions

Hosted by the team over at The Broke and the Bookish, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme for list-loving bloggers. Every Tuesday, participants compile a list of their favorite books, authors, or other literature-related things that fall under a certain category.

Today's topic has us baring our blogger souls and sharing our blogging confessions. Sometimes I can feel insecure about my site (and I am sure every other blogger could say the same), but maybe sharing my worries and reading other people's will help.

1. I often get compliments on my reviews (and they absolutely make my day every time), but sometimes I start to question my professional, somewhat analytical style. It is probably all in my head, but I often feel like bloggers who use GIFs effectively and let their fangirling shine with ALL CAPS are more popular. I wrote a whole discussion post on this topic, and while I know that as bloggers we can write however we want, my insecurities still nag at me.

2. Sometimes A lot of the time I feel jealous of bigger blogs, especially ones that have not existed for as long as mine. After two years of blogging, I still stumble upon six-month-old sites with as many followers as mine, and I wish I could understand the secret to this success.

3. I could probably post a little more frequently than I do, but I have all sorts of (possibly realistic, possibly unrealistic) ideas about having zero free time in college, and I do not want my post numbers to drop when I graduate high school. So right now, the summer before my junior year, I have to stick to posting once or twice a week so as not to let my followers down in a few years.

4. I am extremely obsessive about scheduling and planning blog posts. Imagine my frustration when the bloggers who run this meme only have the next month's worth of topics listed.

5. Being a book reviewer dictates my reading choices more than it should. There are a lot of classic books I want to read, but I keep putting them off in favor of YA books I can review on my blog. Additionally, I sometimes feel like re-reading a book but decide not to because there are too many new releases to stay caught up on.

6. I am brutal about DNFing books I dislike. This is more of a general reader confession than a blogger confession, but it is true. Although I try to make it to page 50 before putting a book down, I have been known to give up before then. Sometimes I feel bad about not giving more of a chance, but life is too short to read stories I am not enjoying.

7. I rarely buy books. I wish I could do a better job of supporting authors, but since I do not have a job and feel a compulsion to save all my money for college (another one of my college conceptions is that I will have no money and will starve), I rely on my library.

8. I can be embarrassingly bad about commenting on the bigger blogs I read. Somehow, the knowledge that they will get thirty comments anyway makes me feel less important and I turn to a smaller site to share my feedback.

9. I'm worried that all these confessions are completely cliché and will be found on every other Top Ten Tuesday today.

10. Despite all these confessions, I do not think I am capable of quitting—at least not until I get a job in the publishing industry and can experience a similar bookish camaraderie in the office (or until new technology makes the Internet obsolete). I have grown dependent on this community and its ability to understand my love of literature. It is a drug, one that I am not ashamed to be hooked on.

Fellow bloggers—what are your confessions? Non-bloggers—what do you think your confessions would be? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Ah, the GIF reviewers. I made it a rule that I would only use GIFs on my Goodreads review so that I don't ever have to use one for my blog reviews. I don't know why, I just feel like reviewing in a blog should be more professional? I do enjoy reading reviews with GIFs and I don't take it against a blog reviewer if they use it, it's just more of a personal rule for me.

    And who doesn't feel jealous of bigger blogs? If I'm going to be honest, I don't consider followers as the be all and end all of blogging success anymore. I'm more jealous of those who get more than 20+ comments in every posts. It means they are engaging their readers to participate and speak up.

    I could also probably learn a thing or two from you about planning and scheduling posts as well as DNFing books. I sucked at this and I usually post things at the last possible minute. I also just don't know how to give up on books. I feel much more confident about sharing what I don't like in a book, if I had finished it. I also don't get to read what I like most of the time now. I'm so behind on my Netgalley reviews so all I read now are review books. I promised to myself that never again will I have a requesting spree on Netgalley.

    I don't think I'll be quitting myself, too. I just came back from a blogging hiatus so I'm still pretty peachy about everything and still have my blogging mojo on.

  2. I must confess that I too use gifs! (probably also too many!) I don't review books, though, so I guess it's a little different. I mainly use the best of the best that I can find because I like how the right gif can capture a moment that might otherwise be left behind. In reviews I think it works but only dependent on the reivew style. Gifs have to fit seemlessly into what you are doing and not just shout at people. Does that make sense? Idk.

    Anyway, I think you are doing a FABULOUS job blogging!! I could use a hand scheduling things I am terrible for that.


  3. Hey I feel the same exact way. Whenever I'm reading something on bigger blogs, I see that they already have like 40 comments, and I'm just like wow. Ok. But sometimes I do comment if I have the feel too.

    I rarely schedule posts, I mostly just write TTTs and STSs, and then everything else is reviews. I've only had one discussion, but I haven't come up with a new one yet.

    And when it comes to GIFs, I really like them. I use them on my blog, but not on my Goodreads (well just started to not use them anyways). But I only limit it to 3 gifs on one review, so that there's color on my blog, but not overwhelming.

    And I don't think I'll quit, well I hope I won't haha.

  4. I think I have only used gifs a couple of times. And usually in posts like these and a movie review. I don't think I have used them in my book reviews.
    I know what you mean about followers, I am still really new to blogging, and I have seen a few that started around the same time or after I did, and they have more followers. Sometimes I feel like I might be doing something wrong.
    Great post!

  5. About the caps and GIFs, it depends on where you look. None of the big blogs that I follow use them regularly and most don't use them at all. It's your space. Find what you like and do it :)

    How much time you have in college will depend on what you study and where you study it. I don't have much free time, but I know some former hight school class mates who have time to get bored every day.

    Nice post!

  6. +JMJ+

    If it makes you feel any better, I've been blogging for a few years longer than you have and still have only 189 followers. Then again, I've never hosted a contest for getting followers! That seems to be the big secret. ;-)

  7. No, Emily, your writing style is exactly WHY I love your reviews so much! They all sound so fancy haha and I wish I could write like you.

    I get jealous of bigger blogs too but I think that's normal. I actually think it's rather healthy to feel a bit jealousy because that's what pushes us to improve and achieve more and more. But there definitely is always doubt in my mind when I look at them and then look at my blog. It's exactly like you said: what is their secret to success? And what am I doing wrong? How do I get that?

  8. I am totally with you on number 2, I think it is common and something a lot of bloggers deal with. I LOVE your style! It's why I enjoy following your blog! Not a lot of bloggers can analyze as deeply as you do and give such clear feedback. Your style makes your reviews very helpful!

  9. Ah man, I totally go hard on the gifs. But that's just how I think in my mind. I really liked this post. It was cool to know more about the behind the scenes blog thoughts. Personally, I think your blog is pretty sweet :)

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  11. I absolutely loved reading this post, as I share a lot of your feelings on book blogging and reading!

    I never include GIFs or CAPS in my reviews and this definitely makes me worry about being too 'professional'. I don't want to seem like I'm not being as bubbly and fun as other bloggers!

    And, I think every blogger feels the same with the amount of followers another blog has. Everyone is insecure; and I guess it's the same whether you're online or not.

    -Sophie :)

    -Sophie :)

  12. WOW. Emily, I just *hugs*

    So, first off, I'm embarrassingly bad in commenting on others' blogs nowadays. I DO want to point out that I DO read your blog when I get it in my email (as I do others), but because it's in my email and I'm not always (usually never) in a place that I can comment, I just read about it, enjoy it, and forget to comment later. But I try because I know *I* love comments.

    Second, it's absolutely reassuring how many confessions we have in common. My soul felt soothed, no lie. #1-3 and #5-10 are ones that I felt like I wrote. #4 was just an odd ball for me because I TRY to schedule, but really, I never follow through (at least there's always ONE day that I change as it comes). But I don't even know where to begin to comment on those items because that is so ME. I feel like a nobody on bigger blogs, so why bother. I feel the same on #1 because while I'm in the opposite spectrum, I still question my style. BUT your analytical style is YOU and since it is you, I think it works. Me trying to be like you would never go smoothly and I think if you tried to be something you're not wouldn't go well either. Jealousy, amen. You know that I know what you're talking about.

    I'm constantly thinking about rereading one of my old adult, Christian favorites, but then think about all the YA I should read.

    Posting more frequently is my frequent (ha) fear. Or, really, worry. I constantly obsess over it. And then obsess that I'll run out of things to actually post. I need a feature. And there I go digressing.

    DNFing is my THANG. It's so bad.

    I was afraid of being cliche as well. And being judged.

    *hugs again*


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