Sunday, August 24, 2014

Guest Post: Words in Paper

Hi everyone! I have a wonderful piece to share with you today—a guest post from the lovely Carolina Pinto! We met on Twitter a few weeks ago through Tea Time with Epic Reads (If you have never attended, you really should—click here to learn more.) and shot a few Tweets back and forth about our respective lives in our respective countries (mine being America, hers being Portugal). After that, she sent me an email asking if I accepted guest posts, and of course I said yes. After a few more messages, she sent me a brilliant post about her journey as a reader and a writer. So now, without further ado, I will hand this blog post over to Carolina!

Reading, an interesting subject. Let me tell you, I am a book addicted person, but when I was younger I wasn't like this. It all began last year, (I feel like I am going to tell a story, so exciting) At the very end of 2013 I was sitting on the sofa with my computer on my lap watching a lot of series while a book was waiting for me in my room. At that time I only thought about series and social media and the Internet, so I bought one book like once a year but I ended up not reading them. So there I was, in my natural habitat, my sofa, when my mother appeared and said:

- Always in the computer, always in the sofa… you know you have a book, which I bought you, in your room that you haven’t read yet. What about reading it?

And then there was a click in my mind. Reading, this another universe that cannot be described in the simple words of simple people. Reading, just reading. So I put my computer down and I went to my room and read. From then on I started reading like a crazy woman. I couldn't stop.

I don’t know if I should be ashamed or not, but one of my reading habits is (I can’t believe I am going to say this) talking with the characters while reading. I know, I know, embarrassing. Please don’t judge me… I say all the kind of things to them, for example:

- I am going to kill you!
- Worst, I am going to murder you!
- Oh my God, could you be more perfect?
- He is so HOT!
- No! No! Noooo!
- Don’t you dare die on me!
- Come, come back honey, come back to life for me!
(Well let’s continue)

What I see in reading is pretty simple. I see an escape. I see new worlds, new people, new guys, new laughs, new smiles, new tears and new broken hearts. The reading is all about that, it is all about feeling, even that one book turn you into a black hole full of pure sadness, that book is still part of you. But it is just words written in a paper that became pages to form a book. After all, I see everything and I see nothing.

I read and read and read, and after some books I started creating my own story in my own mind. I started by one simple idea and then I wrote about it, and wrote and wrote, until my own paper, became my own pages of my own book. Sometimes I showed parts of my writing to some people and they always get surprised because I possess a computer where I can write my book, nevertheless, I only, only, write in paper. All my notes, all my quotes, everything is written in paper. Some people already told me that I had an incredible imagination, but where can it lead me? It can lead me everywhere and nowhere.

More I read, more I want to write. More I write, more I want to read. It’s a cycle that never is going to end.

In the conclusion of this post I wanted to tell you that I am currently writing a book call Darkness. If you want know more about it please tell me and I will post it on my own blog.

Thanks for stopping by, Carolina! And don't worry—your habit of talking to book characters is totally normal.

If you want to hear more about Carolina's book or just want to chat, you can find her on TwitterYoutube, Pinterest, Instagram, Goodreads, Google+, or her own blog.


  1. I think most people -even if only in their own heads- to book characters!! I love your line "After all, I see everything and I see nothing." That's so accurate about reading!


    1. Oh! I am so glad that you liked my post. Talking with book characters is more embarrassing when it happens in public ( awkward ) I love that line too.

      - Carolina Pinto


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