Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Best of #RealYA

Last night, two of my blogging friends (Grace of Words Like Silver and Willa of Willa's Ramblings) and I started a hashtag on Twitter—#RealYA—to spotlight the differences between real life and YA books. It all started when Jen of Books and Other Happy Ever Afters tweeted that trigonometry isn't offered in most high schools anymore and YA authors should stop mentioning it as a class, and I responded in agreement. Then Grace jumped in to say we should make a hashtag about aspects of real teen life that are under- or mis-represented in YA, and #RealYA was born.

The conversation grew and grew, amassing more participants and clever observations than I ever thought it would. It's still going strong, but I wanted to take a moment to share a few of my favorite tweets from the discussion so far: 

1. The truth about where students end up after high school? It's usually not NYU.

2. Few YA girls take AP science classes, but many real girls do.

3. The nerdy-girl makeover isn't a thing (and most people who wear glasses look better with glasses than without).

4. An accurate description of who really takes AP and honors classes

5. The near-impossibility of finding an attractive, nice, and relatable person (see also: tutoring partners and the student body in general)

6. As a result, it's totally normal to date only casually—or not at all.

7. Cliques are as unlikely as long-term, serious relationships.

8. And not to self-promote, but I've been waiting for over a year for the right time to tweet this.

9. Finally, a tweet about what high school is really about 

10. Except not, because this is what high school is really about.
Check out the rest of the tweets here, and feel free to add your own! We'd love to keep the conversation going.


  1. I loved looking through this hashtag! Especially the dating ones; there are only a handful of relationships in my school, since most people are too concerned with workload than to get hung up in romance drama!

  2. EMILY. I am blown away by how much stemmed from my little tweet (thanks for giving me credit! :D) I'm so bummed I missed the chat though - I was celebrating a Friendsgiving - but y'all seriously blew it out OUT OF THE WATER. *wipes tears* I'm so proud of you ladies! And I love these tweets you've decided to share here; your's is hilarious and SO TRUE.


  3. I think the only ones I disagree with is number 1 and number 7. I think it was 50/50 of the people who went off to university and those that stayed here and went to community college. & there were DEFINITELY cliques at my high school. The indie kids hung out by the water fountain, cheerleaders and jocks on the hill, surfers by the D-building, performing arts kids outside the theater, goths by the art building. There were even more than that. I didn't get involved with any cliques so I don't know if any of them are actually still friends (it's been 7 years since I graduated), but there were for sure TONS of cliques at my high school haha.

    Otherwise, these are pretty accurate. Great tag & post!

  4. I love this! I definitely think that there is an overwritten (is that a word?) stereotype of "smart"/"nerdy" girls and the people they tend to hang out with...I also mentioned you in my blog post "5 bloggers I absolutely love!"


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