Monday, January 25, 2016

Four (More) Bloggers Who Inspire Me

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Back in August, I posted a list of four bloggers who inspired me, borrowing an idea from the wonderful Aneeqah. But as brilliant as all four bloggers were and are, my list didn't yet feel complete, and I left off with a promise that I'd return with a follow-up post. It took a few months, but now I'm back with another list of inspirational writers, photographers, entrepreneurs, designers, and content creators. I hope you enjoy—because who can't use a bit of inspiration on a Monday morning?

1. Alexandra of Twirling Pages

I can sum up what I admire about Twirling Pages in a single word: aesthetic. Alexandra is brilliant at branding her blog with a clean, bright, sophisticated look, and she's even better at bookish photography. Her Instagram (which shares her blog's aesthetic and has 26,000 followers) is absolutely stunning, producing plenty of beautiful images that have even made it onto the Epic Reads blog. She's a legitimate celebrity. If I had Alexandra's camera abilities (and a room as beautiful as hers in which to take bookish pictures), I'd be set for life.

2. Jessica of Bookish Serendipity 

Can we take a moment to appreciate all the amazing things Jessica does? She posts impressively often, she operates her own Etsy shop, she ran a drive during the holidays to provide books to children in seven local women's and family shelters, and she's constantly coming up with creative content and marketing ideas. And she's only 15. When I was 15, I was still figuring out how to promote my posts on Twitter. I intensely admire Jessica's creativity—and the fact that she surely has more hours in the day than the rest of us.

3. Hazel of Stay Bookish

In addition to a book blog, Hazel runs a lovely blog design shop that has received glowing reviews from her customers. (She also recently branched out by designing a book blogging planner that's been making waves in the blogosphere; you can check it out here.) Someday I'd love to learn to code like Hazel (maybe I'll take a class in college?), and then I'll be able to design and maintain a sleek and professional site like Stay Bookish.

4. Aneeqah of My Not So Real Life and The Writing Hustle

I already mentioned Aneeqah as the blogger who inspired this post, but I couldn't resist adding her to my list as well. Although her book blog is brilliant, she's lately been inspiring me with The Writing Hustle, a blog devoted to creative writing tips. Two of her recent posts—one a reminder that success requires work and the other a manifesto for doing things that scare you—helped me reignite my love for blogging and made me want to throw myself wholeheartedly into content creation. I don't write fiction (nor do I plan to do so in the future), but much of Aneeqah's advice can be applied to any pursuit—in my case, blogging. And I'm not usually one for motivational articles or speeches (most of my drive to get work done or try something new has to come from me, not from someone else), but something about Aneeqah's writing style rings so true with me that I feel like her posts were written by a better version of myself. If you're a blogger, writer, any other type of creator, or a combination of the above, I highly recommend checking out The Writing Hustle (and while you're at it, My Not So Real Life).

Who are your favorite book bloggers? Let me know, as I'm always searching for more inspiration. 


  1. Love this idea! I totally agree with you on all of these blogs!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Emily, you are absolutely fantastic. Thank you so SO much for all of your kind words- I'm so humbled!! It's amazing to me that something I write could inspire you so much, and honestly trying not to sit at this orchestra practice and start crying haha. It's been a crazy emotional day so this basically made my entire week.

    Love love this post, and agree that all the other bloggers are FABULOUS. Alexandra literally has this whole aesthetic thing down to a point and both Jessica and Hazel inspire me with their talents. Like Jessica is SO much more mature than I was at 15!! I feel like I was a confused penguin waddling around the blogosphere two years ago, hehe.

    Here's to reading more amazing blogs and more #secret collabs. Never forget: sleep less, do more cool things. <33

  3. YES, YES, YES to all of these people Emily! Alexandra's photos are absolutely gorgeous, Jessica is so multitalented and productive, Hazel's designs are absolutely exquisite, and Anneqah is just such a kind, all-around star. Thanks for putting this together Emily and, as always, fabulous post! ♥

    1. Also, you inspire me so much too! I am in constant awe of you and how talented and smart you are. xx

  4. These people all sound so amazing! Great post. :-) I will definitely check them all out.


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