Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016 in Review

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Happy Thursday, lovely blog readers! I can't believe March is almost over; the month has absolutely flown by for me. My schedule has been jam-packed with travel, I started a new bookish venture, and my two-week spring break allowed me to read plenty of books. Here's a bit more insight into my month.

Books I Read

Books I Added to My TBR

In My Life

  • I started a podcast! A Novel Chat debuted on March 7, and we have been releasing new episodes every Monday since. We've gotten such great feedback, and I'm so happy to be working with two of my best blogging friends—all of which makes me so happy to be part of this amazing community. So far, we've talked about books we think will be classics, the boarding school trope, family in fantasy, and the Internet's impact on author accessibility, and we have some exciting topics lined up for April. If podcasts are your thing, check out A Novel Chat on SoundCloud, Stitcher, or iTunes.
  • I was named runner-up for Indiana Student Journalist of the Year. I attended a ceremony at the Indiana Statehouse and was ecstatic to receive the recognition (and the scholarship that comes with it). As my newspaper advisor always says, we don't produce content with the goal of winning awards, but it's always satisfying when we do win, especially an honor like this. 
    I received a fancy plaque, too.
  • I traveled to New York in mid-March to attend a scholastic journalism convention at Columbia. It was a school-sponsored trip, but we had a small group—just me, my newspaper advisor, his wife, and one of my friends who's on staff. Aside from attending educational sessions and picking up a few tips to apply during my last two months as editor-in-chief of my school's newspaper, I spent the evenings exploring the city. I saw Wicked (which was amazing), spent more than an hour in The Strand, and visited tourist attractions like the Staten Island Ferry and the Brooklyn Bridge. I had done most of it before, but it was my friend's first time in New York, and I loved watching her experience everything for the first time.
    Two gingers on the Brooklyn Bridge!
  • Continuing my spring break travels, I left for Salt Lake City a few days after returning from New York. A blizzard left my family and me stranded in the Denver International Airport for 12 hours, then in a hotel for the entire next day, but we finally made it to my grandparents' house. We visited museums and such in their city, then drove to Zion National Park, where we hiked several trails in the beautiful canyons. As of yesterday, I'm back in Indianapolis with a few days to get some reading, blogging, and studying in before returning to school.
    We took this picture at the beginning of a day spent hiking in the canyons of Zion.
How was your March? Did you read anything great? Travel anywhere new? I'd love to hear what you've been up to.


  1. You live in Indianapolis? I live about two hours away from there! How fun! Sounds like you had a nice Spring Break and got to travel/do lots of fun things. YAY for winning that award and getting scholarship money too. I saw The Gospel of Winter awhile back at my library and thought it looked great too.


  2. Ahh! It sounds like you had an amazing March Emily! Congrats again on your journalism award, and how cool that you got to go to a journalism conference as well! xD

    And I agree re: She is Not Invisible. It was a good book, but it wasn't quite as amazing as Sedgwick's other books. (Although, frankly, I would have been seriously impressed if he could write another book as amazing as Midwinterblood or The Ghosts of Heaven.)

    Thanks for sharing Emily and, as always, fabulous recap! ♥

  3. Ah, Emily, what a fabulous-sounding March! Nine books is no small feat, and they all look terrific - I've had Tiny Pretty Things and We All Looked Up on my TBR list for the longest time!

    And {blushing} thanks for sharing my review! I hope you enjoy The Gospel of Winter if you get the chance to read it; it certainly reminds me of a book you'd like. I also have my eye on You in Five Acts, and I just recently read Thanks for the Trouble and LOVED it, so I'd imagine you will as well!

    Finally, congratulations on so many amazing achievements in the last month! Your student journalist award is very well-deserved, I'm sure, and I've so enjoyed A Novel Chat thus far.

    I hope you have just as lovely of an April! :)


  4. Ooh, your March seemed fantastic! Congrats on the Podcast--I've listened to every episode so far, and I love it so much. I read Thanks for The Trouble and loved it so much; it was actually the best book I read last month. I'm just got The Great American Whatever and Rebel of the Sands in the mail so I'm excited to read both!


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