Thursday, May 31, 2018

Forever Literary Turns Six!

As of today, I’ve officially been running a blog for six years! (What!?)

Those six years have been full of truly unbelievable experiences—from interacting with my favorite authors online to attending national conventions to becoming friends with bookish people around the world. Even after all this time, it’s surreal that authors I love take the time to read my words and respond to me on social media, that I can bond with anyone in this community over mutually-adored books, and that I’ve even had the chance to meet several authors and bloggers in person.

This past year was especially exciting; I attended Book Expo for the first time and helped to publish three issues of Stay Bookish Zine, a digital magazine about all things YA (which you really should read).

I don’t know for sure what this site is going to look like in the future. My spring 2018 semester was the busiest time of my life so far, and I didn’t have the time to post as often as I would have liked. And I’ll be studying abroad in London in the fall, so I’m sure my blog will continue to be on the backburner until December.

But as always, I know I’m going to stick around the YA community. I know I’m going to continue talking about books on the internet in some capacity, even if consistent long-form blog posts become unsustainable. And I hope to be more active this summer, so stick around for better and more consistent content for the next few months!

Thank you so much to everyone who has made my six years as a blogger so wonderful. Here’s to many more!

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